All Weekend                Midway

All Weekend                Food Vendors

All Weekend                Six Nations Farmers Display                          Outside

All Weekend                Antique Tractor Display                                  Outside

All Weekend                Warrior Park Obstacle                                     Outside

Friday September 6, 2019

See Schedule              3 Pitch Baseball Tournament                       Ball Diamond

10AM – 7PM               Tradeshow/Exhibit Hall                                  Community Hall

11AM – 1PM               Kids Day Events                                               Blue Track

11AM – 3PM               Redbarn Craft Workshops                             Dajoh Building

5:30PM                        Greasy Pig Registration                                  Horse Track

6PM                             Greasy Pig                                                         Horse Track

7PM – 9PM                 Miss Six Nations (MSN) Ambassador           Dajoh Gym

                                     Program – Traditional Presentations

Saturday September 7, 2019


See Schedule             3 Pitch Baseball Tournament                        Ball Diamond

8AM – 9AM                 Archery Tournament  Registration               Blue Track

9:30AM – 3PM            Six Nations Archery Tournament                 Blue Track

10AM – 1PM               Baby Show                                                        Gym

10AM – 2PM               Red Barn Workshops                                      Dajoh Building

10AM – 7PM               Tradeshow/Exhibit Hall                                  Community Hall

NOON – 12:30PM      MSN Ambassador Program                           Main Stage

                                     – Impromptu Questions

1PM – 4PM                 Horse Races                                                      Horse Track

4PM – 5PM                 MSN Ambassador Program – Crowning       Dajoh Gym

7PM – 7:45PM            The Healers                                                      Main Stage

8PM-9:30PM               David Wilcox                                                     Main Stage

9:45PM                        Fireworks                                                                              

Sunday September 8, 2019 


See Schedule             3 Pitch Baseball Tournament                         Ball Diamond

11AM – NOON           Pet Show                                                           Main Stage

11AM – 2PM               Smoke Dance Registration                             Arena Lobby

11AM – 3PM               Car and Bike Show                                          Outside

11AM – 4PM               Tradeshow/Exhibit Hall                                  Community Hall

NOON – 1PM             Bits of Bluegrass                                              Main Stage

NOON-5PM                Cultural Showcase                                           Arena

2PM                             Smoke Dance Competition                            Arena

1PM – 2PM                 Sugar & Old Spice                                            Main Stage

2PM – 3PM                 Old Chicago                                                      Main Stage

2PM                             End of Season Six Nations Minor                 Track 

                                     Lacrosse Parade

2PM – 4PM                 Bingo                                                                 Dajoh Gym

3PM – 5PM                 Demolition Derby                                            In front of grandstands

4PM – 6PM                 Exhibit Pick Up                                                 Community Hall

9PM                             Fireworks (Rain date only)                              Ball Diamond