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How to Register

Apply now for the 2023 Baby & Tiny Tot Show!

  • Return the completed Registration form on the evening of participant wellness check in.

  • Please ensure forms are accurate, legible and completed fully as the announcer will be reading from your registration form to introduce your child;

  • Bios can be typed or written (if written, ensure printing is legible);

  • Registration forms may be emailed to

  • A $10.00 registration fee cash or cheque (payable to Six Nations Agricultural Society)  must be paid the evening of your child's wellness check.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact Stephanie Sault by TEXT at 519-754-6342.


For all age categories:

1st Place - $100

2nd Place - $75

3rd Place - $50

For Mr. & Miss Tiny Tot and special awards, the prizes are $100 each.

Special Awards

Chip Off The Old Block

  • This is open to all age categories

  • For parents wishing to compete with their child for Chip Off The Old Block, babies will be judged with a parent based on being alike in dress and resemblance.

  • One prize of $100.

Most Typical Indian Baby (Male & Female)

  • This is open to all age categories

  • Parents wishing to enter their child for this special award must bring their child dressed in native regalia

  • One prize of $100 for 1 female; one prize of $100 for 1 male.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Participants must be registered band members of the Six Nations or Mississauga Credit reserve. A status card or proof of status (letter from band membership) must be presented at Registration/Check-in;

  2. Your child will need an updated immunization record from their family doctor or Gane Yohs. This must be presented at participant wellness check;

  3. A registration form must be completed fully and accurately a submitted with an entry fee of $10.00 for each participant on the evening of participant wellness check;

  4. Participants must be a resident of Canada for the past two years and have resided in our fair district for the past six months;

  5. Participants must complete wellness checks which will take place in the Maternal & Child Centre;

  6. A parent must accompany and hold onto their child at all times during the preliminary judging and Baby & Tiny Tot Show to avoid injuries;

  7. Six Nations Agricultural Society is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles;

  8. Contestants will be expected to sell Fall Fair 50/50 tickets, a minimum of 20 tickets must be sold;

  9. All Rules and Regulations will be interpreted by the Six Nations Agricultural Society;

  10. All decisions of the judges is final, parents may not enter into discussion with the judges;

  11. Any/all protests must be made in writing and must be accompanied by a $50.00 deposit (money order made payable to the Six Nations Agricultural Society). Protest must be within 30 days. The deposit will be forfeited if the protest is not sustained.​

Age Classification

The age for all categories is date of birth as of/or turning of age on September 9, 2023.

Wellness Checks - MANDATORY

Wellness Checks will take place at the Maternal & Child Centre  (1350 Sour Springs Road) during the following times:

  • to be determined

Please ensure you meet RULES 1-3 and have documents with you (see above).

Baby & Tot Show

  • Participants must arrive 20 minutes prior to their scheduled child's division, a schedule will be posted here on September 1st once registration is closed.

  • Bring baby/tot dressed in outfit of your choice.

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