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Our Mission

The purposes of the Society shall be in accordance with the objects as stated in the Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act which reads as follows:
The objects of an agricultural society are to encourage an awareness of agriculture and to promote improvements in the quality of life of persons in an agricultural community by:
  1. researching the needs of the agricultural community and developing programs to meet the needs;
  2. holding agricultural exhibitions featuring competitions for which pries may be awarded;
  3. promoting the conservation of natural resources;
  4. encouraging the beautification of the agricultural community;
  5. supporting and providing facilities to encourage activities intended to enrich rural life; and
  6. conducting or promoting horse races when authorized to do so by a By-law of the society.


The Executive Directors are elected for two year terms at the Annual General Meeting.


President: Leslie McDougall

Vice-President: Jennifer Montour

2nd Vice-President: Lindsay Hill

Secretary: Jay McDonald

Treasurer: Paula Anderson

Become a Member

The Six Nations Agricultural Society operates under the direction of our membership. Membership can be purchased annually at our Annual General Meeting (dates posted on Facebook and in local newspapers) or at our annual Fall Fair. Please check back here soon for more information.

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